The use of camu camu comes from the ancestral knowledge of the Amazonian peoples of Peru, due to its high level of vitamin C and the wide medicinal use transmitted from generation to generation of this superfood.


The camu camu is part of the more than 30 thousand species of plants of the biodiversity that surrounds the largest water system on the planet, the Amazon River. This species, native to the western basin of the Amazon, where the natural stands of Peru are concentrated.

The use of the camu camu fruit comes from the ancestral knowledge of the Amazonian peoples, transmitted from generation to generation orally and is based on the relationship that these ethnic groups have had with their natural environment.



The discovery of the pharmacological actions of camu camu and many other species of Peruvian flora was the result of tireless and careful research by indigenous botanists in the early Andean civilizations. Food plants and nutritional products were incorporated into the human diet by anonymous herbalists who are personified in the "God Wiracocha".

Camu camu grows wild on the flooded banks of rivers and dark-water lakes of the Amazon, it is between 4 and 8 meters high. + Its fruit is oval and dark in color, it measures between 2 and 4 cm in size and it has a smooth and shiny surface. It has a high content of vitamin C, 50 times more than orange, arousing great interest in the world for its antioxidant capacity. Due to its high nutritional and therapeutic content, it is considered worldwide as a superfood.

Camu camu as a fruit is used mainly in drinks, ice creams, sweets, jams and concentrated nectars, being part of the typical gastronomy of the Peruvian Amazon, mainly to obtain natural vitamin C. The traditional knowledge of the people of the northeastern Amazon of Peru has made it possible to use the fruits and bark of camu camu to treat diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and influenza.


Camu camu is considered a superfood because it provides essential nutrients for the body. Beyond the aforementioned dose of vitamin C, the intake of camu camu increases the levels of ascorbic acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, niacin and riboflavin. All this nutritional cocktail improves the functioning of our body, keeping it stable and healthy.

In addition, camu camu helps to increase serotonin levels, a hormone that produces a feeling of happiness and normalizes sleep. For this reason, its use as a natural antidepressant has become widespread.

Camu camu is part of the Brota Superfoods catalog because it is in line with our objective of making food available with the highest nutritional and therapeutic concentration. We want to reach all corners of the world by encouraging the population to incorporate superfoods into their daily lives in order to improve their well-being and quality of life.